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October 12

I like that.

In the interest of my own mental health in the weeks leading up to the election, I’m starting a daily series of photos on my personal Instagram account (weeksringle) about things that make me happy. I won’t be reposting the images on Facebook so head on over to that account if you’re interested. The first […]

August 19

Wagon Wheel vs Freebird

As one who has spent a fair amount of time listening to kids sing at summer camps and in large groups over the past few years I’ve been surprised how frequently I hear the Bob Dylan and Ketch Secor song Rock Me Mama. Among teens it’s known as Wagon Wheel, made popular by Darius Rucker […]

December 12

Homemade Pep Rally

Our daughter Sophie has always been a science and math kid. I knew this was going to be a big part of her life when she asked me the following question while walking over the Millenium Bridge in London at age 5: “If the supports for the bridge have to be built with concrete, and […]


I was in Starbucks earlier today and heard someone ordering their coffee using, what is to me, the ridiculous names Starbucks has assigned to small, medium and large cups as though we all need to speak in some coffee house code to be allowed to remain in the clubhouse. It got me thinking. I’m generally […]

May 04

Olfactory Bucket List

Most bucket lists are about going somewhere or seeing something. But is was the fragrance of the new blossoms on our Viburnum carlesii (commonly called Koreanspice Viburnum) this morning that made me think that there should be a bucket list of great smells. Here are a few other wonderful fragrances that bring me joy. Add […]

April 08

Being Present

How about today we all look for that moment, that murmur, when even for just a moment, life is beautiful?

March 02

The Strange Underside of the Blogosphere

I’ve been blogging in various places since 2006. Each of those blog posts gets comments. Sometimes those comments, especially those in the spam folder, leave me speechless. The spam comments are my favorite: Your laboratory has procured the greatest quality deer antler velvet extract and imported it from New Zealand. Well first of all, if […]