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February 04

Wishes for the Pipers and Abbis

As I stepped into the Orlando airport from the jetway, my mind was full: I needed to get my bags first. When you travel to teach quilting, it’s always anxious until you see you two enormous bags of quilts on the baggage carousel. Then I needed to figure out where the rental car counter was […]

January 22

The Comfort of Music

Our daughter is in two bell choirs. In addition to ringing (the term for performing) at church services and retirement homes during the holidays, the bell choir is occasionally asked to ring at funerals. So yesterday we received this email from the bell choir director (I have changed the names to protect their privacy): Dear […]

January 18


I received a touching, heartfelt and handwritten note today from a public figure whom I admire greatly. It came out of the blue and absolutely stunned me with its kindness. When you admire someone and they make the perfect gracious gesture, it gives great satisfaction to know that my admiration was well-placed. You can have […]