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October 05

Exercise, comedy and kittens

Repeat after me: Exercise, comedy and kittens. These are the three things that will prevent you from losing your freaking mind in the next five weeks until Election Day. Let’s break it down: Exercise is a must. Not only because all of us  will inevitably be nervously eating leftover Halloween candy on Election Night but […]

August 26

Bring on the Dreamers

I turned 55 today. One of the gifts of middle age is being able, if you’re lucky, to sort through the signals that society sends you about what’s important. Society tells me that I’m supposed to care a lot about material goods, fame, my appearance and how much is in my bank account. The older […]

January 11


Stop what you’re doing right now. You need to watch this. You need to watch it to remember the power of music. You need to remember that great music transcends race, class, position in life. And you need to watch this because whatever you think about who’s creative and who isn’t is going to be […]

January 01

A New Perspective

I love everything about New Year’s Day. I love the idea of a clean slate. I love the promise of a new year. I love the opportunity to pivot and approach life differently. While we have lots of plans that we will share with you soon, here are a couple of themes that I’ll be […]

May 19

This Summer

Fill in the blank: this summer will be the Summer of ________________.

May 13

Free Advice!

When I was a kid I always read Dear Abby in the newspaper and harbored a secret fantasy about being an advice columnist so today is the day I’m answering your questions! Ask me for advice on ANY topic and I’ll give you my 2 cents! My advice is worth what you’ll be paying for […]

March 18

Hogs Unite!

For those who don’t know, I spent a good chunk of my 20s as a consumer spending securities analyst in Tokyo. I looked at consumer trends, analyzed brands and studied in detail the accounting statements of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to determine which companies were worth investing in. The critical part about […]

February 17


A simple thought for today: What are you waiting for?

February 03

Missing the Blizzard

[photo taken from my flight leaving Chicago this morning] When I found out 19 years ago that we were moving to Chicago so Bill could go to graduate school, I was really dejected. I had seen all of the news reports that made it look like Antarctica. I had spent a sub-zero January day visiting […]

February 02


Do you me like me? Yes or no I don’t know. I don’t know myself yet. Plus I’m under a lot of stress at home so I can’t tell. P.S. You don’t know yourself until you’re 18. When I first saw the news story about the note (see photo) passed between the 10 year olds […]

January 31

Swinging hands with hope

I wanted to share a new poem I discovered by May Doyle. Happy Saturday. Since I Was Given Hope I do not own faith And I do not own love But hope- hope is mine. Hope is my gift From above. Hope takes me by the hand And we swing back and forth And since […]

January 28

Being Noticed

When I was a teenager I overheard a conversation at one of my parents’ dinner parties. A handsome and charming 50-something lawyer was bemoaning the fact that he used to be able to run down the beach and be noticed by young women. “I’ve reached the age where they don’t notice anymore.” Now around the […]

January 12

Beautiful Dreams

I’ve never done a dream or vision board but suggested that Bill, Sophie, Naya and we use the grocery bag of old magazines I was about to put in the recycling to give it a try. We followed the suggestions I’d read about just intuitively ripping out the photos that appeal to you. Naya and […]