December 03

Old Year’s Resolutions

I’m not gonna lie to you. This has been a really tough year for our country and for me personally. Although it’s been a great year for our business, and for that I’m very grateful, I had a lot of illness including two hospitalizations and three friends of mine died this year. A few years ago I decided to start a new tradition that seems even more essential when it’s been a really bad year: End Strong. My idea is that instead of waiting for New Year’s Day to make resolutions, figure out how you can start now. Now. As in today, to make changes in your life that will offset some of the awfulness of the prior 330 some days.

I’m especially upset about the new tax proposals and am frustrated at the suffering that will transpire for middle-class families and the poor. Calls to Congress haven’t worked and the 2018 elections are a long way away. So a big check to my local food bank is minutes away. My friend Nancy Zieman’s death hit me very hard. So I’m going to set up a day in our studio over the holidays to teach people how to sew for free because that would have made her super happy. I am in the process of dealing with the health problems that plagued me this year but homeless animals don’t get the option to seek medical attention when they are sick. So I’m taking tomorrow off and driving the special animal rescue van 6 hours to St. Louis and back in one day with another PAWS Chicago volunteer. We’ll be picking up a van full of dogs rescued from a high-kill shelter in another part of the country to bring them for medical care, fostering and adoption through PAWS Chicago. The photo above was taken on Christmas Day 2016 when Bill and I took a couple of hours out of our Christmas Day to walk dogs at the PAWS Medical Center because it’s hard to get people to volunteer on Christmas Day. It was part of my End Strong for 2016.

See. Don’t you feel better already? What can you do in the next month to make this a better year for you? Before we kick 2017 to the curb, End Strong.