March 22

On the job

I often walk Kip (and our prior foster dogs) through a large park in our village where a handful of homeless people gather outside the public library when it’s warm. We’re training him so I always carry treats and a clicker on walks.

Yesterday I saw a couple of people (whom I guessed to be homeless) in different parts of the park  smiling, staring at Kip and saying to no one in particular, “Look at the cute dog!” I called out and asked if they’d like to pet him. They shook their heads yes and smiled. I took him over to each of them and suggested that they ask Kip to sit and then they could give him a treat. Kip sat for the treat, got the treat and the people petted him for a few minutes while he sat there calmly. They told me what a great dog he is. One of them told me about the American Staffordshire he used to own and how much his dog enjoyed the dog park in the town where he used to live. A woman commented on how soft Kip’s coat is while another man noted that Kip’s coat isn’t as dense as other Pomeranians he’s known. We talked about dogs for a couple of minutes in each instance. I left thinking that while I still want to get Kip certified as a therapy dog, he is already on the job.