December 05


Those who knew me as a child and teen often called me a “troublemaker.” I spoke up about things I thought were unfair at school and even challenged older family members who made bigoted comments. When you’re a child it’s a bad thing to speak up, at least that’s what I was told.

I’ll be making more trouble tonight as I attend the first meeting of volunteers planning the Women’s March on Chicago on January 21. When I saw the list of volunteer opportunities I immediately went to logistics and things that just needed able bodies. I dismissed my skills as many women do. I told myself that I wasn’t qualified to do anything else. I looked at the call for volunteers to coach those giving speeches and help them organize their thoughts and speeches. I told myself that I wasn’t qualified for that one.

Then I paused and thought about it. I get paid to give lectures. I’ve co-authored 6 books. I  have something to offer. That’s the one I really wanted to do. Encouraging people to speak up against injustice is basically the adult version of being a “troublemaker.”So I paused and checked the box and thought, “I can do this. I care so much about this. I love to write. I’m taking the leap.”

Hoping that you will lean in to volunteer for a cause you care about deeply. It’s a critical time in history. We need you and your gifts.