August 26

Bring on the Dreamers

I turned 55 today. One of the gifts of middle age is being able, if you’re lucky, to sort through the signals that society sends you about what’s important. Society tells me that I’m supposed to care a lot about material goods, fame, my appearance and how much is in my bank account. The older I get the less most of that matters, except I do want to make sure we can get our daughter through college without debt and that we can be self-sufficient when we can no longer work.

Mostly what I care about at this age is surrounding myself with dreamers. I married a dreamer and if I hadn’t found one I would have remained single.  Most often I find other dreamers doing service projects and charity work but occasionally running errands or in my job. I want to spend time around people who work for social justice, people who are great educators, people who do small things with great dedication. I want to be around the guy who takes pride in being a great garbage man or crossing guard or dental hygienist. Show me the people who challenge others to do their best work and live their best life. I need those people like I need oxygen. Banish the negativity, cynicism and divisiveness. They have no place in our future. I will not be distracted by them.

At this point in my life I just want people to share their dreams for a better world with me and what they are doing to bring it to fruition. It’s not making the dream a reality and then being done that matters. It’s living as though we have the power to make everything better for everyone. Every day. In every way. Share your dreams with me please. I’d love to hear them.