August 13

10 Hours for 10 Minutes

The following conversation happened today between two friends in our booth at a quilt show. Seriously. You can’t make this up.

“I want it all! I want every one of these!”

“Me too! (picking up a kit and sighing) The problem is that my husband likes sex and I like to quilt.”

“Yeah. He needs a new hobby.”

“Yeah. I’ve got to find a way to get more time to quilt. And then I can pay attention to him.”

“How about if you negotiate quilting time for…you know…”

“You mean, I tell him that if he gives me 10 hours of time to quilt that I’ll give him an hour?”

“Does he really need an hour? Wouldn’t 10 minutes be plenty? 10 hours for 10 minutes. That’s a good deal if you ask me.”