May 31

Grown-Up Love

Dear Revlon,

We won’t even get into the irony of choosing Halle Berry to represent “true love stories [that] never have endings” because that’s pretty insulting to the two guys she divorced and the guy she had a child with before she married her current husband, but I digress. If you’re going to put up billboards on the topic of love, how about — just for once — show that love between partners isn’t just about having someone kiss your neck. It’s also about feeding the kids dinner and helping with homework when you’re sick from chemo, and supporting a partner battling depression or unemployment. How about continuing to rebuild a marriage that has been shaken at its core? Or maybe even that your husband is not worried about that weight you gained with that third child he wanted so badly? How about you meet us women where we are and celebrate real and grown-up love? Because sometimes reality is a whole lot more interesting that your childish fantasies.