May 29

Will You Remember?

When I’m trying to decide whether something is really worth getting upset about I play a game called, “Will I Remember?” It goes like this: is this issue serious enough that I will remember it a year from now? Because if it’s not really worth remembering, it probably isn’t worth my time.

Conversely I try to pay attention to the things that I know I will remember in a year.

So on May 29, 2016, this is what I will remember about today:

  • The look on our daughter’s face when I suggested that the refreshments for tonight’s graduation party be a “Snack Bar” of all of her favorite snacks for the guests to mix together. There will be a whole bunch of junky stuff not typically found at our house. After 8 years of fresh fruits and vegetable healthy lunches, I decided that this is the time to let her and her friends mix up individual snack containers of several kinds of potato chips, pretzels, peanuts, S’More Oreos, tortilla chips, Sophie’s signature homemade Nutella Puppy Chow and M&Ms for a sweet and salty buffet and wash it down with strawberry lemonade punch before the ice cream cake arrives.
  • I will remember her pride in making decorations for it and putting together a Spotify playlist that she thinks her classmates will enjoy.
  • I will remember that her friend asked to come over to help decorate for the party because her family doesn’t host parties and she loves to prepare for them. I will remember being happy that this child enjoys spending time at our home and we enjoy having her.
  • I will remember that Bill made charming magnet party favors for each child using a photo from their last formal dance.
  • I will remember that our sweet foster dog finally got an appointment to get his dental work done and that he is one step closer to finding his forever family.
  • I will remember the beauty of our garden after the many hours of joyful work nurturing it and the enormous amounts of rain this month.
  • I will remember that our new fabric line arrived and just took my breath away and even Sophie’s too (which doesn’t always happen because 13 year olds are a tough crowd to please).

I will not remember:

  • That this is Day #5 in a rather serious respiratory infection because it’s a pretty regular thing for my hard-working but scarred lungs.
  • I will not remember that rain may or may not force our party inside.
  • I will not remember the annoying emails I received or got frustrated by something stupid because there are too many other wonderful memories that deserve that space in my head.

What will you remember?