May 15

The Old Dog

This is Godzilla, our current foster dog. He’s a 5 lb, 10-year-old Chihuahua mix with bad teeth and impaired vision from a persistent fluid that covers his iris making him appear to have blue eyes instead of black. PAWS Chicago has done what they can with his eyes and he gets around with no problem. In a couple of weeks he’ll have the dental work done and be available for adoption. Godzilla is our 29th foster animal in the past 11 months and the 11th dog. We’ve had adorable puppies and high-energy one-year-olds as well.

Godzilla, however, is working his way into the top rankings of foster pet favorites because he’s the oldest animal we’ve ever fostered. He is young enough to enjoy his three four-block walks a day but old enough not to need more. He’s house-trained, crate-trained doesn’t chew anything, doesn’t get in trouble, doesn’t wake us up early, doesn’t wimper when left alone or bark inside the house. He wants nothing more in life than to nap on someone’s lap. In fact he’s on my lap as I write.

Godzilla is valium in animal form. He was rescued from Chicago Animal Control and no one knows how he ended up there but it’s clear that at some point he became homeless. Never mind. He’s still got living to do, right here and right now. He has made me develop a deep appreciation for old dogs. He doesn’t need to be entertained. He doesn’t need toys. He needs a short walk to keep himself in good shape and someone to snuggle with. Save you oohs and aaahs for the young puppies. But when you want a dog who will take care of you, you want Godzilla.