May 14

Interval Training for Life

A few years ago in my strength-training class the instructor told us we were going to do high-intensity intervals using weights. We started with the heaviest weight we could manage for a given time and then dropping down to a lower weight and then repeating the cycle until your muscles are exhausted. It’s a way to build up stamina, burn fat and increase strength without bulk.

I think about the this strategy frequently. I like the idea of doing your best for as long as you can and then changing it up to try something else without feeling a sense of frustration that you can’t continue the first thing. Life is about cycles and with cycles come ends and new beginnings. Friendships run cycles, business relationships run cycles, neighbors, school, and even our children’s lives have cycles.

In the coming months we’ll be trying a few new things with our business. Our daughter finishes middle school in two weeks. I’ve tried some new classes at the gym and have committed to some new volunteer activities once a month or so. Change is good.