May 06

Diary of a Kitten

Having fostered 18 kittens in the past 11 months, we’ve noticed that many tend to follow a certain schedule. Here’s a sample of the schedule our last two followed.

5:03 am: wake up and pounce on foster parents’ toes under the sheets, biting toes to practice killing prey.

5:04am: chase each other steeplechase-style over the sleeping bodies of foster parents

5:07am: lick eyelids of one foster parent

5:10am: sit on the face of other foster parent purring very loudly

5:12am: fall back asleep

7:03 am: follow foster parent into the shower and act surprised when water comes out of the shower head

7:10am: practice pouncing on the drips that comes from the faucet after the shower has ended

7:12am: knock over the toilet brush for the first of many times that day

7:15am: follow foster family around the kitchen awaiting breakfast

7:20am: use litterbox, kicking as much litter out of the box as possible and tracking it through the house as far as possible from the litter box

7:22am-9:03am: nap

9:04am: follow ant’s path to food dish

9:24am: pounce on ant

9:38am: notice daughter’s ponytail holder next to sink, carry it to the studio along with the others that have been transported there earlier in the week

9:45am: knock over toilet brush in the studio bathroom as long as you’re in the neighborhood

9:48am – 10:12am: swat at loose thread hanging from a bolt of fabric

10:15-11:02am: nap

11:03: put nose in the water bowl and jerk head back because you still can’t believe that there’s actually water in the water bowl

11:05am: return to litter box to kick around some more litter

11:30am: notice that the foster father left some change on the side table in the bedroom. Knock off one coin at a time for several minutes just for fun. Notice that there’s also a water glass on the side table. Take a drink from it or knock it over to save time and effort.

12:20pm: jump up on foster parent’s laptop and create a few new customers in Quickbooks with names 3!)&*)!#+, BW)E+!”:O_+, and ++++++++++++++++)_(_)}IK

12:30pm: I wonder who put that toilet brush back in its place

12:33 – 1:30pm: nap in basket of clean laundry

1:40pm: notice bra strap hanging from the laundry drying rack, swat at it and try to chew off the hooks

1:45pm: decide it’s time for some chewing — there must be some expensive headphones around here somewhere

2:04pm: practice puffing up and looking threatening to littermate

2:08pm: wrestle littermate repeatedly digging rear claws into his face and rolling around the floor

2: 20-4:03pm: take a nap on the rug in the absolute middle of the hall

4:04pm: repeat mid-morning schedule until bedtime falling asleep purring deeply in foster parents’ ears and looking adorable