May 02

One and Done

I have a list of things I’ve done once and have no desire to do ever again. I don’t plan to recreate my hike to the top of Mt Fuji for example. Work on an archeological dig in the summer in Louisiana with a boss who was a total jerk would be another example of One and Done. Golf. So done. The only time I ever played was at the Princeville course in Hawaii. If that spectacular wasn’t enough to keep me interested I’m done.  File Jazzercize, Zumba and any fitness class that involves shaking my booty and jazz hands also under One and Done. My first job was as a cashier at Hardee’s. Please God let me never have to work someplace ever again where I have to feel grease penetrating every pore and smell beef cooking for hours at a time. Hoping my fast food career is One and Done also. Skeet shooting and any holding of a gun is totally Done. Sauerkraut, Chinese moon cakes, Vegemite, quail eggs, okra and kimchi would lead the food category of One and Done. So let’s hear them. I want to hear some of your One and Dones. Leave ’em in the comment section.