May 01

1 Question for Friday

What could you do this weekend that would help you have a better week starting on Monday?

I always have a hard time figuring out if being super-productive during the weekend will make me feel less stressed or whether getting lots of exercise, being outside in the garden and spending time with friends will fortify me for the week ahead. Maybe one day each? If I don’t do laundry, don’t clean or do some cooking then I feel like I’m starting the week disorganized, which is stressful. If I don’t have any fun then I start the week resentful when I have to listen to how much fun everyone else had. I kind of like the idea of Saturday for chores until 5pm and then fun and restorative activities the rest of the weekend. This week I actually ran some errands after dinner hoping I could clear the decks for some garment sewing for myself. But there’s still a ton of tasks that I hoped to get to before today and didn’t. I’m interested in hearing how those of you with work and family demands parcel out your weekends. Tell me in the comments section that you’ve got this all figured out.