April 24

You might be in Marin if

In 1993 I won a design competition to spend a summer in Sausalito, California. It was a magical summer and I fell in love with the beauty and wonderful climate of the larger Marin County area. So I decided to tack on an extra day to a business trip to Northern California to work on our next book in one of my favorite places. In my time here I see and hear things that remind me that I’m definitely not in Chicago.

You might be in Marin if:

  • you hear someone say “I’ve got someone coming to float tonight.”
  • you see a sign for Vanilla Milk pedicures
  • there’s preserved lemon on your pizza
  • someone tells you there’s no chlorine or fluoride in the water
  • you park your car under a Great Redwood
  • you notice crystals everywhere
  • someone says “I brought you some seaweed snacks”
  • there’s a sign on the toilet that reads “don’t put anything in here you haven’t already digested”
  • life looks perfect (even though I’m sure it isn’t)