April 19


I had a really unpleasant interaction with someone yesterday. It involved someone lying and wrongfully accusing me of something I did not do. Fortunately my husband Bill was with me and was able to defend me but it stuck to me all day, invading otherwise productive thoughts. “Why would he do that? Why didn’t he handle it differently? That was SO outrageous!” I have to see this person on a regular basis so that makes it even worse.

So I will spend part of my day today trying to purge this interaction from my psyche. Part of this strategy will involve doing something for a charity to remind me that not all people are bad. There will be some prayer to help me shake this out of my heart as well as I don’t want to take that bitterness and cynicism into who I am. And I will spend some time exercising, hanging out with our daughter, playing with our foster kittens and in my garden to help replace that negativity with something more positive.

The truth is that some people play dirty. That behavior represents darkness. Be a light.