April 12

Help from Her Friends

Dear future owner of Skyy,

I want you to know how many people loved and cared for your barely 3 lb. kitten before you took her home. First there were the intake people who brought her and her newborn siblings to PAWS. There were the vets who evaluated her, gave her vaccines and the assistants who got her ready and held her during exams. Then there were people who cleaned her cage and fed her until she went into a foster home. Her foster parent(s) gave her medications and cared for her until she was at least 2 lbs and ready for her spaying. They were alert and careful because kittens don’t always make it.

The veterinary team spayed her and monitored her until she was stable enough for us to pick her up. We brought her home Sunday, but the next day it was clear that there was a complication to her spaying. It was hard to tell if it was a herniated area or an infection. Pictures of her incision were sent via email and foster care coordinators responded. We took her back for the vet to have her incision examined again. She was sent home with antibiotics and directives that we hold a warm compress to Skyy’s belly for 10 mins, twice a day. So we took her home again and gave her the meds and did the compresses. We came back again 4 days later on Friday so the vets could see how she was doing. They drained her incision but determined that they needed to open up her belly again to see what was going on. They booked her for surgery for Sunday but we all agreed that it would be too stressful for Skyy before her surgery to be back at the shelter so we brought her home again. We fasted her for her surgery but following the directives of the vet, we woke up at 7am, 2 hrs before her surgery to give her 1 tsp of wet food so she would feel better when she came out of surgery. The vets will go back in today and we will console her brother in her absence who will be anxious that she is not sleeping and playing with him.

The vets and staff will monitor her and at some point we’ll make a fourth trip in a week to PAWS to pick her up and continue fostering her until she is ready for the Adopt-a-thon where you too will fall in love with her we’re guessing. All of these people have spent all of this time and all of these resources because we want you to have a wonderful life with this kitten. We know she will love you, comfort you and make you smile every day. We know you will love her as we do. We ask you to keep her shots on schedule, feed her good food, keep her litter box clean, give her fresh water every day, pay attention to her, take her to the vet when she’s sick and listen to her when she tells you it’s time to say goodbye. So many of us put so much time into giving her a good life because someone did the same for the animals we’ve loved. Enjoy this kitten. We all put a lot of love in her heart.