March 06

Carly Simon was right

At one point yesterday when Bill was worried about something I recalled the line from the 70s hit song “Anticipation” by Carly Simon. Although it was later co-opted for use in a ketchup commercial I always thought the last line of that song is very profound: “These are the good ‘ole days.” My point was to remind both of us that we are relatively healthy. Our daughter is healthy. We have interesting and plentiful amounts of work. We live in a comfortable house and have friends who love us. There will be times as we age or in the midst of a crisis down the road when we’ll look back on seemingly uneventful days like yesterday and think, “Those were the good ‘ole days.” I don’t want a small worry to be magnified into more than it is. I don’t want to stop seeing that these are the good years. Just because we’re not paying attention doesn’t mean time is standing still. The good ‘ole days? They are now. They are today. Whatever your day holds, I hope you can see a glimpse of the “good ‘ole days”.