March 04

Prayers for Bob

Four years ago Bob and Rebecca were the happy parents of 3 great girls all at the same school with our daughter. Bob got cancer. Rebecca nursed him through it, managing her job and caring for the girls. Bob got better and soon after Rebecca died suddenly of an aneurysm. Our community sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. A year later Bob met Gretchen. Gretchen was a beautiful young widow who had lost her husband to cancer, several years earlier when her son was 9 months old. Bob and Gretchen fell in love, were married in June 2014, and blended their families in a big, old house in Chicago. We hoped they had at last found their happily ever afters.

Last month Bob learned that his very rare cancer is back. He and Gretchen head to San Francisco for a super high dose of radiation on March 13 recommended by an oncologist at MD Anderson in Houston.  This family has known too much loss and too much heartbreak. If you’re the praying sort, please lift up Bob and Gretchen, along with their 4 kids, with an army of love and support in the coming days and weeks. Please pray for strength Bob whose immune system will be so compromised we’ll be caring for their cats at our house for 3 weeks or so. Please also pray for comfort and strength for Gretchen and their 4 kids as well as wisdom and guidance for Bob’s medical team.

If you would like to send words of encouragement to Bob, Gretchen or their kids (and you can imagine how much that would mean to them!), kindly email them to me at I’ll print them out and take them to the family. If you’d like to send a card or something, mail it to me and I’ll deliver it to the family: Bob and Family c/o Modern Quilt Studio, 719 Iowa St, Oak Park IL 60302. It would be lovely to deliver lots of words of encouragement to this family.