March 02

The Strange Underside of the Blogosphere

I’ve been blogging in various places since 2006. Each of those blog posts gets comments. Sometimes those comments, especially those in the spam folder, leave me speechless. The spam comments are my favorite:

Your laboratory has procured the greatest quality deer antler velvet extract and imported it from New Zealand.

Well first of all, if I were interested in procuring deer antler velvet extract, I’m sure I could source that locally.

Ladʏ Gaga even had a favoriote contestant and asked the fans to get involvced in thee voting pгocess. So being able to make it come across tthe waay I envisioned, and I gеt to saay the wοrds between the soongѕ toо, not just sing thhe songs, and ѕay what ӏ want to say about positive vibrаtions and that kind of thing.

What, Lady Gaga’s got a favoriote contestant?! I have positive vibrations about that as well.

For reference, if your subordinate-self gulp down a dose of Saison Beer or Castelli Romani overmuch the
tolerated line and forward to drive a bus, you bus trip might end up inside the Tuscaloosa county jail in Alabama.

Got that? No subordinate self-gulping! How many times to I have to tell you?! Especially if you live in Tuscaloosa county.

Then there are the unsettling comments recently from the woman who commented on a post about making weighted blankets several years ago.

I hope you are still receiving these comments so long after the original post but just to say thank you for the PDF. I hope to complete my blanket but using glue for my fabric as I am detained on a mental health ward and therefore can’t access a sewing machine 😊. I have found a pile of blankets about 10-20% of my weight very containing with regards to destructive behaviours and have also slept longer and better of a night.

Wait, what?! Did I encourage someone to glue a bunch of blankets together in a mental health ward?

Mostly the comments I get, though, are lovely. Just don’t tell the warden I made you do it OK?