February 27

Best Week Ever

Yesterday we took our very affectionate foster cat Vizio back to the shelter for his neutering surgery and his next round of vaccinations. Today he’ll arrive at the adoption center, which is very likely to be the best chapter of his two years of life. We brought home another foster for the next 10 days, a leggy 10-month old Dachshund mix named Marathon, who resembles a Viszla to my eyes. He is emaciated and has kennel cough so he’ll spend 10 days with us getting well and gaining weight.

A dear friend came for dinner and we discussed that we had both had rough weeks and were looking forward to them both being over. As she was leaving I grabbed a leash and took Marathon out for the last walk before bed. Despite snow on the ground and single-digit temperatures Marathon’s tail was wagging as we left the house and he ran down the icy sidewalk enthusiastically. We don’t know how he or Vizio ended up in Animal Control and then PAWS Chicago but while my friend and I were having rough weeks, they were having the best weeks of their lives (excluding that pesky neutering business). Looking at Marathon curled up on my lap after dinner, my friend said, “You can just tell how grateful he is to be here.” I’m grateful he’s here too, I thought.