February 23

Regrets, I’ve had a Few

I found myself in a situation yesterday trying to console a teenager who had made a very big mistake. “It’s over. My life is over!” she sobbed. I told her that life is not about avoiding mistakes but rather facing them with honesty and sincerity. “Learn from this. Don’t try to blame anyone. Take full responsibility. Show that you’ve learned and vow never to make that mistake again.” I remember regretting that as a new mother I overreacted to something I saw a babysitter do. Later I realized I had overreacted and ran into the babysitter in Target a few years later. “Remember that time…I’m so sorry. I was anxious about doing things right with too little support. I was overwhelmed. I’m so sorry.” The babysitter had totally forgotten about it but was stunned that I admitted my bad behavior. The best thing about apologies is they are usually met with forgiveness. And there’s no expiration date on them.