February 15

The Long Friendship

I have mixed feelings about friendship. Sometimes it seems as though they are intended for a season — the friendship that arises from having kids in the same school or living in the same neighborhood but then dies when that situation changes. But then there are those friendships that endure decades and overcome distance and life changes. And what about best friends? The older I get the fewer people I know who have a best friend that they see on an almost daily basis. My closest friend has a demanding career and lives half a country away. Unfortunately I don’t get to see her much. But she’s still the person I’d trust to make life or death decisions for me. I long for the days of close friends who lived down the street. There’s a girl sleeping in our daughter’s room this morning who spent the night and hangs out at our house a lot. They’ve been great friends for four years. They head to different schools next year but I’m wishing them the long, long, long, kids-play-together-in-20-years friendship. Meanwhile I’m about to put in the mail some licorice and nice hand cream I found for my friend as an nice out-of-the-blue treat that lets her know I value the 24 years of friendship we’ve had, despite the miles.