February 09

Weekend To Go

I snapped this picture yesterday while walking around West Palm Beach. I love this picture so much. It’s not just the ingenuity of transporting a surfboard on a bike but on a Sunday morning it reminded me how much more relaxed and productive I am when I get to have a little fun. Most Sundays are spent going to church, doing laundry, shopping and cooking, getting exercise, watching our daughter’s soccer game and planning for the week ahead. Bill and I sometimes talk about what “relaxing” means to each of us. For me it means not having a schedule and a to-do list.

When I lived in Japan there was a famous animated family show called Sazae-san. It came on for decades on Sunday night at 7pm and had a well-known theme song. I heard on the radio once that Japanese scientists were studying a form of depression they nicknamed Sazae-san Illness. The found that people started feeling depressed when they heard that song because it meant the weekend was over and the work week loomed large in their minds. I totally get it. Sometimes Sunday night rolls around and I’m ticked off that I didn’t get to have any fun because I was doing chores the whole weekend. So I’m contemplating setting aside a time on Sunday night, not to plan for the week ahead but for the weekend ahead. I’m going to try to carve out some more time for myself to do something restorative. In the meantime, I’m going to also print out this photo and put it on my desk.