February 07

Because You Never Know

Thursday while I was giving a lecture I noticed a woman in the front who put her head in her hands while I was speaking. I sensed that she was dizzy or light-headed. I kept talking wondering it it would embarrass her if I asked her if she was OK or if I should assume that if she doesn’t feel well she would speak up. After what was probably less than a minute I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said, “No.” I stopped what I was doing and asked the shop owner to get some quilts for her to lie on. She was responsive but said her hands were tingling and she was very light-headed. We had to help her get to the floor safely. Someone was already calling 911 and happily there was a registered nurse in the audience. The paramedics came and examined her. I was asked to return to the lecture. It was very challenging to be trying to focus on modern quilting when there were paramedics on the other side of the room and I was so concerned for this woman. Eventually she regained her strength and came back to the classroom.

On my drive home I thought about how life can change in an instant. I was genuinely afraid for this woman. Within 15 minutes or so she was back on her feet and feeling better but it shook me up for the rest of the day. Things happen quickly. Another reminder to live fully.