February 01

RIP Bonne Bell

If you were a teenage girl in the 1970s chances are that you had more than a few Bonne Bell products in your bathroom and purse (in the days before backpacks — I know! — it’s hard to believe that we had to carry everything in our hands or in a purse). Bonne Bell 10-06 in its signature brown bottle was a beloved astringent for many of us plagued by teenage acne. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers lip gloss that came in a dozen or so fun flavors was the cool alternative to boring old chapstick. It came in supersized tubes the size of a bottle of roll-on deodorant that we’d wear around our necks on an attached cord — I had cherry. It sounds ridiculous now but was fun and revolutionary back in the day. So reading yesterday that Bonne Bell had been sold and was closing its doors in the US made me sad. Chances are I was wearing Lip Smackers when I had my first kiss. We’ll miss you Bonne Bell. Wearing tubes of anti-wrinkle cream on cords around our necks will never be as much fun.