January 29

Why I Haven’t Returned Your Email

Here’s the problem: I wish I could keep up with email but I can’t. There are just too darn many of them. And they aren’t emails with yes or no responses. They require contracts, research, phone calls, sketches or hard decisions. I feel like Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory. There are a lot of possible explanations as to why I haven’t responded. I might be on a business trip. I might be rushing to meet a deadline. Or I might have a respiratory infection and not be able to focus enough to send back a well-considered response. But you know what? I might also be cooking dinner for my family. Or doing laundry. Or organizing carpools for my daughter’s soccer team. Or I might be having lunch with a friend because I need a good laugh. Or hemming up a pair of pants for our daughter’s choir performance. There’s even a possibility that I am playing the Settlers of Cataan with my family. I might be at the gym generating some needed endorphins. Or cleaning up after a foster puppy. The thing is, I’m not ignoring you. I truly will get back to you as soon as I am possibly able, it’s just that I need to be able to do more than respond to emails all day. I just need a few sips of life first. And if anyone decides to invent a busy signal for emails, I’m in.