January 28

Being Noticed

When I was a teenager I overheard a conversation at one of my parents’ dinner parties. A handsome and charming 50-something lawyer was bemoaning the fact that he used to be able to run down the beach and be noticed by young women. “I’ve reached the age where they don’t notice anymore.” Now around the age at which that man made that comment I understand what he means although it doesn’t really matter much to me.

I recalled this conversation, though, this morning when I was walking down the street. A handsome young man, easily 20 years younger than I, exclaimed, “I LOVE your hat!” I have to admit, even as a happily married woman, it was nice to be noticed. So here’s your assignment for today: find someone of a different generation, older or younger, and find some way to compliment them. It will make both of you feel wonderful.