January 26


We took our foster kitten Hayden, who had recovered from her cold, back to PAWS Chicago for her spaying and to find her forever family at the Adoption Center. We returned home with two mixed breed puppies, a male and female — probably about eight weeks old, for the next week until they too are ready for their surgeries and adoptions. They were stinky and filthy but sweet and unusually calm. These puppies were rescued by a group in Tennessee and brought to Chicago because PAWS has more resources to deal with abandoned animals. Every time we bring into our home a rescued kitten or puppy I’m aware that they are experiencing a lot of firsts. Today alone they had their first baths, first walks on leash, first time walking in snow, first nail trims, first chew toys, first time napping on someone’s chest, first dog treats, first experience napping in front of a fire. They always, at some point on the first day give us The Look. Their eyes are so full of gratitude and affection because they understand without a doubt that we’re trying to help them. And every time I wish the same wish for them: May every day of the rest of your life be just like this.