January 22

The Comfort of Music

Our daughter is in two bell choirs. In addition to ringing (the term for performing) at church services and retirement homes during the holidays, the bell choir is occasionally asked to ring at funerals. So yesterday we received this email from the bell choir director (I have changed the names to protect their privacy):

Dear Handbell Ringers,
John Smith’s family has requested that the handbell choir ring at Mr. Smith’s funeral on Saturday, January 31. (Young people, Mr. Smith is Mrs. Jones’s father.)
Some of you may recall ringing for Jane Smith’s (his late wife’s) funeral about 18 months ago. The family has requested the same music (Celtic Farewell and Shall We Gather at the River). Both are Level 2 pieces.
I anticipate taking some time on Thursday, January 29 to rehearse, and time before the service on the 31st. I can be more specific when I know who is available to ring and can assign parts accordingly.
Please EMAIL ME if you would like to ring for this service. Thanks so much –

I was touched that at 13 our daughter could do something that would be of comfort to a family who had lost two members in 18 months. And I thought about the rewards and power of discipline. She wouldn’t have been able to serve this family in this way two years ago but through discipline at showing up to all of those rehearsals, she can now participate in the service in a way that will comfort the family. That’s a comfort to me as well.