January 20

Caring Behaviors

I recently learned about an exercise called “Caring Behaviors.” I’m told that it’s usually done with couples but I thought it would be interesting to do it as a family. So our family sat down each with a clipboard and a piece of paper and made of list of things other family members do that make that person feel loved. The idea is that doing this exercise would help us know how to support each other in daily life. It led to a fascinating discussion and revelations I didn’t expect such as it feels more loving to our 13 year old when we read to her than when we attend her soccer games. At the top of my list was “When you pay attention and are interested when I’m talking” but I also added, “Wish me luck before a business trip or big lecture because I’m sometimes nervous.” It was such a great exercise that I think we’ll repeat it in a few years. Mostly, because families often dwell on what someone else does that drives them crazy, this was a nice way to reinforce positive behavior.