January 12

Beautiful Dreams

I’ve never done a dream or vision board but suggested that Bill, Sophie, Naya and we use the grocery bag of old magazines I was about to put in the recycling to give it a try. We followed the suggestions I’d read about just intuitively ripping out the photos that appeal to you. Naya and Sophie went to town creating empowering and inspiring boards of things they really care about. Most likely as a result of having done the photostyling for our publications for the past six years and having a soft spot for any beautifully styled image, I found that I was exceedingly and ridiculously picky about which images to cut out. I ended up with a board of pretty pictures and no words. If I really thought about it, though, maybe the board is telling me that I want to spend more time designing and that I need more beauty in my life. Have you made a dream board? Did you find it helpful?