January 04

10 Truths Learned from 19 Foster Animals in 6 Months

We take back sweet little Bonema the Chihuahua today. She came to us a scared, emaciated two-year-old a week ago. She was our last foster animal of 2014. We began fostering in June 2014 shortly after saying goodbye to our 17-year-old cat Mies, whom we found with his siblings in a community garden. The kittens were clearly strays and small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Saying goodbye to him was unbearable so we were not ready to commit to another animal. Fostering seemed ideal. No commitments, just a few cute kittens for a few weeks. We’ve fostered 3 adult dogs, 4 puppies, 1 adult cat and 11 kittens since the end of June. I had no idea all that these unwanted animals had to teach us.

  1. Love hits you when you least expect it and when you need it most.
  2. Caring deeply about something brings out the best in us.
  3. Our body language and the way we use the power of touch is so much more powerful than words.
  4. Animals know what’s in your heart just by looking into their eyes.
  5. Routine is comforting.
  6. Our bonds increase when we play together.
  7. It’s hard to be our best when we’re sick.
  8. You get what you give.
  9. Stretching several times a day is good for you.
  10. One person can change your life.